Oem Weather Resistant Nylon Webbing Dog Collar

Model: NPL-C001

Material: Environmentally TPU Coated Nylon Webbing, High Quality Zinc Alloy(Kirisite) BUCKLE which is easy to operate.
Feature: Exquisite texture, waterproof, wearable, abti-abrasion, heavy duty, eco-friendly, easy to clean
Color: Green, Black, Red, Orange, Brown
Size: Customization
Application: Matching with pet dog collar for walking, running, training your lovely pets.
Logo; Custom Brand Logo
1. Webbing and outer rubber need to match. 
2. Specific Surface Materials: polyester TPU, environmental TPU which is wear-     resistant, oil-resistant,dirt-resistant and easy to clean. 
3. Inside Material: (Flame retardant) nylon webbing. 
4. Zinc Alloy (Kirsite) Buckle (Buckle can be customized as per your request) is anti-rust Kirstie stand stronger pulling forces, compared with the ordinary buckle, the advertisement can be added to the buckle. 
5. Texture: Aesthetics of the surface is very good. 
Pet Dog Collars for protecting, walking and biking Pet Dogs with Pet Dog Leashes 
Length: 22''=55.88cm 
Width: 3/4''=1.9cm 
Thickness: 0.08''=0.2cm 
Tips: We can do according to your request